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Only future billionaires will scroll down. Are you one of them?

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It's Time for Wealth!

Missed out on $BOME? Buckle up, because $BOBE is the VIP pass to the world where only the rich—or those destined to be—dare to meme. This isn’t for the faint of wallet. We’re here to laugh, to dream big, and to say “no thanks” to brokies.

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Bobe Elite

$BOBE isn't just a token;

It’s your entry into the millionaire’s meme club. Imagine 💭 the most exclusive party, but instead of champagne, we’re popping golden memes. Where Doge wears a crown and Pepe is the king of Wall Street. It’s luxurious, it’s ludicrous, and it’s where the rich (at heart) play


Features for the
Financially Ambitious

Bobe Space

Mint Rich

Mint Rich Memes: Only the wealthiest-looking memes make the cut. Got a meme that screams opulence? It belongs with us, immortalized on the blockchain.

Bobe Space

No Brokies Allowed Tokenomics 👑

Total Supply A neat 100 million $BOBE.
Liquidity Pools 100% of the supply is up for grabs. Dive into the deep end where the big fish swim.
Mint and Freeze We set it and forget it. The wealth is in the memes.
Bobe Space


Ecosystem: BOBE tokens holders can use these tokens to participate in project governance, voting, obtaining rewards, and other activities. Earn reward: We will support user staking in the future to ensure that users receive more token rewards. NFT: We will support the creation of NFT, which users can purchase and collect

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With the Elite

Ready to leave the brokies behind? $BOBE is your meme-driven rocket to the lifestyle of the rich and hilarious. Let’s get wealthy (in memes)!